Supergirl comes to Wonderwoman’s Rescue

So the REASON I’m making a Supergirl outfit my excuse for making a Supergirl outfit is in preparation for my sister in laws birthday party in a couple of weeks time, but I went round on Sunday and she was slightly concerned that her one-size-fits-none costume was going to turn her into an impromptu glamour girl halfway through her party… not what you want to be remembered for… So this is what I did for her,


(1) took in over the bust to reduce slipping
(2) zip added to improve fit
(3) gawdy trim removed and sewn back up, matching trim added to make the zip look at home in the garment.
(4) remove old super stretchy (useless) elastic, add new twangy elastic in back.

I was a bit worried when the costume looked like this:

but it all came back together 🙂 PHEW!

This is what I got in return:

bags and bags and BAGS of fabric from her stash 🙂 NOMNOMNOM 🙂

G x

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