Weaving in TINY Threads on a Woven Wrap.

Not all loose threads are broken threads!

Sometimes they’re the end of a weavers’ knot of the loose end from a fixed broken thread…. it could be a whispy bit from a linen thread that you just want out of the way… you can even do this with pulls if you can’t fix them. NEVER EVER trim a loose thread, ALWAYS try to weave it back into the weave to keep it out of harms way. In the event that it turns out that it is the end of a broken thread you can unweave it a little and tie it off. If you’ve trimmed it you are removing that option.

This is how you can deal with even the most stubby little threads 🙂

You will need:

  • Wrap with a loose thread
  • Sewing machine needle
  • Small length of sewing thread (or a needle threader)

Click on each picture to enlarge. 

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