Call For Guest Bloggers!

I’m planning a massive programme of blogging for 2015 at  and I’m looking for guest bloggers with specific interests and study, or people with personal testimony, to submit articles to coincide with specific times of the year. I’m open to suggestions too if anyone’s got any specific ideas linked to these dates they’d like to explore.

You don’t have to submit a whole blog article on the subject, if you want to send me a photo or a personal testimony on any of these subjects please go right ahead 🙂

I would be happy to repost something you’ve got on your own blog, its doesn’t have to be new material, you’d of course have full credit, remain the owner of your work. You could link to your own library/consultancy/have your photo in there… I retain the right to edit what you submit but I’ll do my best never to distort meaning. There is no payment offered for this opportunity and I reserve the right not to publish your article/testimony for any reason. All content you submit must be your own or used with permission including pictures.

This is being spread through many social media channels so please email with the subject “Blog (occasion)” (so – Blog Valentines day, or Blog Easter) with any queries or submissions 🙂 I can’t be sure to see comments.

Valentines Day
Babywearing and oxytocin (and how it benefits mother and baby) – don’t focus on PND
Babywearing and how it’s improved our relationship as a couple.

Chinese New Year
The Mei Tai and how it’s design and use has changed over time

Mothers Day
Babywearing and PND (personal testimonies as well as expert/academic input would be appreciated)

babywearing and Christianity

St Georges’ Day/May Day
– Traditional English babywearing practices

Fathers Day
Babywearing and Being a Dad (several testimonies would be appreciated)

babywearing and Islam

European Babywearing Conference
recap on last year
review of this year

Natural Mamas Big Camp
recap on last year
review of this year

Sling Dad Family Camp
recap on last year
review of this year

Back to School (September)
How babywearing promotes independence

Babywearing Costume ideas (picture submissions are invited)

Remembrance Sunday
Babywearing as a forces family (several testimonies would be appreciated)

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