5 reasons you can’t miss Nethermined!

For those of you who don’t know I LOVE attending Geeky events with my family 🙂

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A firm favourite amongst us are the ‘Unleashed’ series of local comic con style events run by Hall or Nothing Events. For our family Star Wars is a religion so you will always find us at the annual Star Wars Fan Fun Day at Burnley football club and we will also be attending Star Wars Celebration Europe this year.


So I’m really getting pumped up over getting to Nethermined in a couple of weeks(!!)


Here’s a little bit of background – My 4 year old started school in September and he’s had a rocky start… we still don’t know exactly what’s up but his communication skills are not at the same level of the other kids … His teachers noted that he had a specific aptitude with computers so we decided to try and encourage that interest and he has developed a REALLY deep LOVE for Minecraft! haha 🙂 and it’s REALLY helping him find things that he wants to communicate to us so it’s having a great impact all round 🙂


So when I saw that we we’re going to have a Minecraft event right here in the North East I was super keen for Stevie to go along and immerse himself in this world he loves so much 🙂


so if you’re still on the fence here is…



5 reasons you can’t miss Nethermined, From Me, Geeky Baby

TL/DR – buy tickets here. see the schedule here



Number 1 – Shopping!


The worst thing about having a child with a niche hobby is finding the ‘things’ they want. The second worst thing about having a child with a niche hobby is the postage costs once you DO find the things they want… At Nethermined you can browse the treasure boxes from a great collection of small, local businesses, Get the kit your kids (or you) want, with the benefit of being able to touch and look at the products that are on offer AND save yourself the money on postage. I even hear that there will be cake!


Number 2 – Education!

reason 2 educaton - free workshops using Minecraft EDU - Workshops include building a roller coaster and surviving in volcano town
Photograph courtesy of Mandy Charlton Photography

The organisers have put on a series of workshops which are free to attend (included in your ticket price) throughout both days! The workshops are based on worlds and projects that have actually been used in educational settings and showcase amazing applications of Minecraft to explore mathematical and strategical thinking skills as well as teamworking! My little dude is a bit too young for these but I kind of feel like I want to sign up myself(!!)


Number 3 – Cosplay!

reason 3 - Cosplay! Participate or spectate. You can dress up or some and admire the craftwork of others
Photo used under creative commons from Flickr user https://www.flickr.com/photos/qwrrty/

Even if you’re not interested in dressing up yourself a cosplay competition is always great fun to watch 🙂 you’ll see your kids eyes widen and their mouths open as their favourite characters grace the stage 🙂 If your little one does want to dress up GREAT NEWS! all you need is a square cardboard box and a little bit of paint and time!

Steve and Alex are super easy costumes, or maybe you want to be a bit more adventurous and go for a creeper or a snow golem? Wether you participate or spectate just remember it’s all in good fun! Cosplay is for everyone! Remember your basic cosplay ettiquette, no negative comments, look but dont touch and cosplayers are just people like you so remember to ask if you’d like a picture but the answer is almost always YES! 🙂


Number 4 – Youtuber Life

reason 4 - Youtuber Life. Does your little creeper dream of being a youtuber?

If you’ve got a teen you’ll be FAR TOOO AWARE of what a youtuber is! When I was a kid everyone wanted to be cabin crew or in a pop band but nowadays kids are roleplaying themselves opening toys on youtube in their bedrooms! Nethermined has a whole host of amazing fresh youtubing talent resident at the weekend. There is also a specific ‘youtuber life’ descriptive panel, which your kids will want to go to, to see if the dream youtuber life is really for them 🙂


Number 5 – Internet Safety!

reason 5 - Internet Safety, Keep your little creepers secure. What you need to know to keep your little treasure chests protected while they craft.
Photo used under creative commons from Flickr user https://www.flickr.com/photos/kjarrett/

Most parents are bewildered by all the new tech that children are surrounded by today. How do you keep them safe? Can they play Minecraft offline? can they have safe a play environment with just their friends from school? what do you do if you suspect that they’re in contact with someone you don’t know? All these questions and more will be answered in the Internet Security Panel – If you want help now click here.


Let me know if you’re coming along in the comments or on my facebook page! I’ll be making Stevie a Steve head and I’m making myself a Stampy themed outfit so follow my facebook, twitter and instagram profiles for updates on those!


Click here to buy tickets to Nethermined March 2016



DISCLOSURE – this is a promotional feature that I’m being compensated a nominal amount for, But really I’m mostly motivated by my love of Minecraft 🙂