Meet Geeky Baby!

Over the next couple of months you will notice new branding creeping in across all our social media and correspondence.
Geeky Sweetheart is maturing and becoming Geeky Baby. Geeky Sweetheart has served me well for the last 6+ years, originating as my craft blogging pseudonym and being adopted for my WAHM business.

My vision for ‘Geeky’ has now grown beyond that singular title. I want to produce in bulk, work with other people and compete with the big names of the nursery industry. Geeky Sweetheart will no doubt live on as a blog and for custom work, be safe in the knowledge that the high standards that made Geeky Sweetheart a name that inspired confidence in the‪#‎babywearing‬ world will still be the driving force behind everything that Geeky Baby is 🙂

gbaby Collage